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Sahel International Multidisciplinary Journal (SIMJ) is peer reviewed journal with the objectives to explore, develop and explicate in knowledge across a wide range of disciplines, to keep Practitioners and Researchers informed on current issues, developments and best practices, thereby serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise in all fields of human endeavour...Read more


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Challenges and Problems of Rentier Economy in Africa (Nigeria Case Study)

Muhammed Abideen Abeeb and Ismail Haruna

The mono-cultural nature of Africa economy has a lot of implication on its development, most African countries more especially the oil rich states, otherwise call rentier states depends heavily on external rent, this possess a lot of challenges and problem to their economy the implication of this are enormous, poverty, unemployment economic stagnation, corruption, civil unrest etc. Documentary in textbook, journals, periodical and data on the internet will be explored; Neo-colonization, dependency and imperialism are still but crux of the lack of development. Internal economic mobilization and diversification is seen as the way out.

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Academic journals are the main forum through which research findings are published. Quite often, the articles in academic journal presents a report in details about the finding of research studies. Each article published in a journal explores a very narrow, specific topic in-depth. A particular aspect of a topic can be learnt about in far greater detail than that which would be afforded in a text book or if it was reported in a popular magazine or newspaper. As issues of journals are published more frequently they are the best way of keeping up to date with the latest research in specified field. This is particularly pertinent if a topic is subject to frequent changes and developments. Through peer review, academic journals can be seen as the ‘gold standard’ for academic research, ensuring a high level of quality and academic rigor in the articles that are published.

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