About Us

Sahel International Multidisciplinary Journal (SIMJ) is peer reviewed journal with the objectives to explore, develop and explicate in knowledge across a wide range of disciplines, to keep Practitioners and Researchers informed on current issues, developments and best practices, thereby serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise in all fields of human endeavour. SIMJ is a Journal of Federal Polytechnic Damaturu, Yobe State of Nigeria and sponsored by TETFund. The first and second edition of the Journal was published in June and November, 2016 respectively, while the third edition was published in December 2018. The production continues since then. Those volumes were distributed to various Libraries and tertiary institutions across the country. The Journal has been receiving articles for publication as a result of wider publicity of its activities through posters and flyers that are usually distributed across the country.


Engr. Dr. Usman Kallamu

Chief Editor

Dr. O. Akinsola

Assistant Chief Editor

Shuwama M