The Role of English Language in a Multilingual African Society: An Appraisal of English in Nigeria

This paper attempts to look at the differential roles English plays in Nigeria amidst the heterogeneous nature of the multilingual ethnic societies; education, national identity, politics, diplomatic ties, commerce, literature, etc as well as the gap that it leaves behind for the indigenous language to fill up in the light of the national language question, a conceptual review is made and factors that necessitate English to be put at the top when the question of national language arises over and above the over four hundred indigenous languages that exist in Nigeria, its neutrality, sophistication and tendency to unite rather than divide Nigerians has become somewhat unbeatable, a recommendation is made for the Nigerian government to spearhead and intensify the development of teaching materials in Indigenous languages and mandatory teaching and learning of those indigenous languages in both lower and higher academic institutions.

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Service Charge Administration in a Developing State Capital: A Case Study of Farsawa Plaza, Damaturu, Yobe State

Dealing with many tenants of varying character is tasking, but more tasking when the economic fortune of the tenants is greatly affected by the economic condition of the environment. This affects their prompt response to rent and service charge, while mass exodus of the tenants might be expected if the situation is not tactically managed. Therefore, this study examines the challenges of administration of Service Charge in multi-tenanted shopping complex, in a developing state capital, Damaturu, Yobe state, with a view to proffering workable solution for better management of such plaza. The study is based on observations made in the course of management of the property, interview conducted on tenants and information from the record of Jimoh and Partners Damaturu, the managing firm, with Inferences and conclusion drawn on this basis. The major problem encountered is that the expected Service Charge per month is not realised as a result of non-regular payment, making it difficult for proper administration of the Service charge. It is recommended that the Estate Surveyors and Valuers should be involved from the conception of a building project, Service Charges should be paid yearly, while the Government should improve the socio-economic situation of Damaturu to encourage business activities and no effort should be spared to bring peace and security to the State.

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BioAccumulation of Chromium in Soil, Fruits and Leaves of Manganifera Indica and Anacardium Occidental Trees

Chromium is a major component of the effluent from tanning process and over the years, its concentration in the soil has been increasing. Fruit trees planted on such soils provide fruits, leaves, barks and roots that are used as dietary supplements or medicinal herbs. Consumption of these plant products however, poses a health hazard to man and animals. Chromium has been reported to be carcinogenic and induces lung cancer. This research determines the chromium levels in plant and soil samples obtained from the National Institute of Leather and Science Technology (NILEST), Samaru, Zaria. The chromium concentration of the manganifera indica fruit, leaf and soil samples were 0.4073±0.0353, 0.4951±0.0876 and 1.2718±0.5229mg/kg respectively.While concentrations of anacardium occidental fruit, leaf and soil samples were 0.5523±0.0851, 0.5660±0.0446 and 1.5890±1.2746 respectively. The Chromium content of all the fruit samples were higher than the FAO/WHO permissible limit, while those of the leaf and soil samples were below the permissible limit. The transfer factors of the anacardium occidental samples were higher than those of the manganifera indica samples. manganifera indica fruit, manganifera indica leaf, anacardium occidental fruit and anacardium occidental leaf samples had transfer factor of 0.5031±0.29, 0.4686±0.21, 0.6325±0.38 and 0.6398±0.41 respectively. The chromium content of the fruits were all above the WHO/FAO permissible limit while those of the leaf and soil samples were all lower than the WHO/FAO permissible limits. Thus, the fruits pose a health threat to man.

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The Influence of Advertising on Consumer’s Buying Behavior

The aim of embarking on this study is to provide a well detailed account on the Impact of Advertising on Consumer Behavior using Damaturu Metropolitan as the case study. The Researcher used survey Research Design in the collection of the data. Because it is easier to sought peoples’ opinion using Questionnaire. Stratified Sampling Method are used to get the sample size for this study which is 250. Data gathered from the study were analyzed, tested and interpreted using sample percentage frequency table. The researcher was able to find out that majority of the respondents own television set and view product advert. The theory that led support to this work is cultivation theory. The researcher therefore recommends that adverting should be real and interesting so as to call and retain prospective buyers for the advertised product. And also the manufacturers should try as much as possible to make their advert consistent in order to increase awareness and more patronage for consumers.

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Challenges of Girl Child Education in Nigeria

Children arrive at birth as presented gifts with abundant latent potentials. Training (particularly formal education) nurtures, prepares and matures them to unleash these to humanity in service and live a fulfilled life; girl child is among such children but girl children, in Nigeria, do not have the same opportunity as boys. This study was aimed at reviewing relevant literature on the challenges militating against Girl Child education in Yobe State. The factors include poor family background, religious isolation, disability, early marriage and pregnancy, gender-driven violence, cultural discrimination and attitudes against women’s status and role. It is observed that there is greater need for girl child’s Legislative and legal provisions to alleviate the obstacles and right to partake in, and gain the dividends of education. Similarly, formal education is very essential in lead to the development of good families, good society and ultimately good nation. Finally, it is significant to note that if you educate a Girl you educate a household.

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