Board Attribute and Firms Financial Performance of Some Listed Insurance Companies in Yobe State

This study examines the Board Attribute and firm’s financial performance of listed insurance companies in Nigerian stock exchange. The study carried out a thorough analysis of impact of board attribute on firm’s performance, with reference to extensive literatures on board attribute. The study focuses on two variant of performance, the accounting based and market based performance against board composition. This study selects Ten (10) listed insurance companies using simple random sampling method and technique for a period of five years (5) i.e 2014-2018. The findings of this study show a significant positive relationship between boards attribute and firm’s performance. It was recommended that, Companies should include more women on board also they should try to have a very good number of members within the organization board also the composition of both dependent and independent member so that it will boast their performance through meaningful contribution from them.

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Contemporary Development Finance: A Perspective of the African Development Bank (AfDB)

Development in its comprehensive context has remained elusive with respect to the African continent. The paradigm employed by the African Development Bank tends to initiate the realistic alternatives towards the desired objective. The aim of this paper is to study the pattern or strategies employed by the Bank in achieving its objectives when compared to other development agencies such as the IMF, Asia Development Bank or the European Commission. Comparative Analysis is the modus operandi in this paper. Impact of the African Development Bank on the welfare of the populace in the continent is largely debatable.

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Analysis of Gender Performance in Senior Secondary School Practical Physics in Gombe metropolis, Gombe State

The study analyzed gender and performance of senior secondary school students in practical physics in Gombe metropolis, Gombe state. The study adopted the pure experimental research design of randomized subjects, post-test and experimental groups. The target population comprised all Senior Secondary School second year (S.S II) physics students in Gombe metropolis, Gombe State in the year 2017. The study was guided by three research questions and one hypothesis. Random sampling technique was adopted to select 80 subjects, 40 male and 40 female from the two randomly selected schools in Gombe metropolis. The instrument used for data collection was Practical Physics Achievement Test (PPAT) which was adopted from NECO (E-5051) and NABTEB (2015) practical physics past questions. The instrument was assumed to be of high reliability, since the test items were adopted from standardized tests. The data collected were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, and t-test at level of significance 0.05. This indicates that there is significant difference in the practical physics performance of male and female students in favor of the male students in the PPAT, t = 0.704, df = 78, p > 0.05. Based on the findings, it is recommended With the help qualified teachers, the female students should be encouraged to participate actively in the practical aspect of the subject. This may enhance their achievement and motivate them to study physics and physics related disciplines in the secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

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The Relationship between Entrepreneurial Competency and Performance of Small Business Nigeria

This study was designed to examine the roles of entrepreneurial competency on performance of small business. A quantitative research approach was adopted to obtain data from small business owners /managers located in the northeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria. This study used quota sampling for sample selection. Data was collected through hand delivery method by sending questionnaires to 449 small business owners/managers. Partial Least Squares (PLS) algorithm was used to test the study hypotheses. The outcomes provide support for some of the hypothesized relationships for the study. Specifically, the findings indicated that relationship competencies, conceptual competencies and learning competencies positively influence small business performance. On the other hand, the results suggested a negative direct influence of opportunity competencies, organizing competencies, strategic competencies and commitment competencies on small business performance. In general, this study has succeeded in validating the aforementioned conceptualization as well as advancing significant theoretical and practical contributions to both researchers and owners/managers for further understanding on the influence of entrepreneurial competencies on small business performance. Finally, it is suggested that more future study be carried out to explore the influence of entrepreneurial competencies in the micro and medium enterprises and in different contexts.

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Roles of Nigerian Mortgage Bank on Housing Development in Yobe State Nigeria

The main objective of this study is to examine the operations of the mortgage bank on housing development in Nigeria. The study is necessitated by the need to find solution to the lingering problem of housing development in Yobe State. The result shows that mortgage bank operations in Nigeria were characterized by inadequate funding for effective implementation of housing programme. It is therefore important that the private housing institution should be encourage to provide funds for housing development and the government should create enabling environment to stimulate private sector participation in long- term housing financing. Similarly, there is a need to enhance the accessibility of mortgage funds by prospective individuals to meet varying housing demand.

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