The Future of Indigenous Languages in the Linguistic Landscape of Damaturu Business Hub

Linguistic Landscape is an emerging field in Sociolinguistics. It studies how language is used in public spaces. This study looks at the linguistic landscape of business environment in Damaturu, the Yobe state capital. The study investigates how dominant or otherwise the indigenous languages are recognised in the business environment. English is a global language and it always gains new speakers around the world. It is a second language in Nigeria as well as in Damaturu, so this study aims to find out which language dominates the linguistic landscape of business hub in Damaturu. The study applied mixed method approach to investigate this phenomenon. The findings reveal that most of the shops signs contain monolingual sign, that is, only one code mostly used by the shop owners and the indigenous languages are rarely noticed in the Linguistic landscape. What this paper reveals is that, English is a global language, it is a language recognised by both minority and majority speakers around the world.

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Strategies for Accelerating Interest in Engineering Technology among Youths in Nigeria: Focus On Local Crafts

Local crafts like other forms of knowledge requires innovation, creativity and excellent craftsmanship, that if it is well developed and incorporated in the knowledge of Science and Technology will foster the needed abilities and interest in sustaining Engineering development. The Local Crafts is recommended to be fully incorporated in Science and Technology Curriculum at the basic School levels to arouse the interest in Engineering Technology at higher levels.

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Advancement of Security of Mobile Information Transmission from 4G to 5G Communication

Since the introduction wireless communication systems there is enormous challenges as the system have been prone to security vulnerabilities from the very inception. In 1G wireless networks, mobile phones and wireless channels were targeted for illegal cloning and masquerading. In 2G wireless networks, message spamming became common for not only pervasive attacks but injecting false information or broadcasting unwanted marketing information. In 3G wireless networks, IP-based communication enabled the migration of Internet security vulnerabilities and challenges in the wireless domains. With the increased necessity of IP-based communication, 4G mobile networks enabled the proliferation of smart devices, multimedia traffic, and new services into the mobile domain. This development led to a more complicated and dynamic threat landscape. With the advent of 5G wireless networks, the security threat vectors will be bigger than even before with greater concern for privacy. This paper has investigated security challenges and uncertainty of 5G network and recommendation for overcoming them.

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Impacts of Insecurity on Socio-Economic Activities in Nigeria

This papers examines the numerous insecurities that bedevilled Nigeria from 1960 – 2020. Some of this might be civil wars, ethnic violence, religious intolerance, armed robbery and banditry. Others include religious sectarian violence, kidnapping of innocent citizens for ransom and so on. It is observed that lack of peace in any human society is a major challenge to economic progress and prosperity. The government is largely struggling to contain the situation. The dynamism in the evolution of societies such as the advent of the internet and the ensuing globalization are reinforcing the challenge for the government to provide adequate protection and security to the Nigerian masses.

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An Examination of Maintenance System of Federal Polytechnic Damaturu Staff Quarters.

The study examines the maintenance system of Federal Polytechnic Damaturu Staff Quarters base on the maintenance criteria set by Hauer & Benke (1989), with a view to ascertaining its effectiveness, thereby serving as corrective measure for the sytem. The objectives adopted include: - to identify the types of apartment in the Staff Quarters, to assess the condition of the apartment, to examine the maintenance system adopted for the Staff Quarters and to identify the problems associated with the maitenance. The data were collected through questionnaires and formal interview, the data were presented in frequency tables and percentages. Using 5 likert scale, most of the apartments in the staff quarters are not in good state of repairs which makes the majority of the occupants of the apartments to rate the system below “adequate” the system only met few of the criteria for standard maintenance system. Therefore the system needs improvement. It is recommended that the Polytechnic should adopt strategic preventive maintenance programme.

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