Influence of Politics on the News Media and Media’s Influence on Politics

Buike Oparaugo ,
Former Lecturer, Mass Communication Department, The Polytechnic of Sokoto State, Sokoto, Nigeria



The press/media has had a long and seemingly unending relationship with politics leading to various communication scholars to describe this relationship as ‘polimedia’, ‘a tug of war’, ‘a symbiotic relationship’, ‘marriage de raison’, ‘a tango of give and take’, ‘trust and distrust, love and hate’, ‘uneasy exchange and reliance’, etc. Majority of newspaper contents in Nigeria and around the world are on politics as it is the most selling news. Thus, this paper seeks to find out through observations and literatures, the relationship between the press and politics by determining how they both influence each other. The researcher reviewed existing literatures for the study since the subject is theoretical based. These literatures were works already published on the relationship between the press and politics. This study is anchored on the Politics-Media-Politics Principle model. The researcher concluded that there exist a significant relationship between the press and politics. The researcher also found out that the press has as much influence on politics as politics on the press. On the influence of the media on politics, the media have been the predominant source of political information for citizens in a democratic society. On the influence of politics on the media, politicians, even governments can manipulate the coverage of information to achieve their political and economic goals through diverting audience attention. The researcher recommended that the press should also endeavour to give an unbiased report about politics no matter which politician or political actor is involved. Keywords: Press, Media, News, Politics.